Animated text

Letters are loaded from an array, each individual character having a % chance of being randomized at a set speed.

10 Saluto Nex Alea Stars 403 404

Fullscreen video

Fullscreen videos with loop, sound and volume control (on scrollwheel). Does not work on mobile.

Rain (50mb) Rain 2 (50mb) Papa


Just toying around with marquee and sliders, I liked the resulting effect though. Be aware that the "seizure" one rapidly changes colors.

Pink /// slide White /// slide Seizure /// slide


I had initially wanted to make more variations, but I lost track at some point and just gave up on everything.
Outlived their usefulness, but I always liked their aspect, and they still function.

Minimalist Google Homepage (White) Minimalist Google Homepage (Black)
Resolution comparisons Console Interface Desktop Interface